About APDC


The Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium is an FDA funded consortium that provides a national platform to translate ideas through its product development pathway all the way to commercialization. The mission of the Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium (APDC) is to enhance the lives of children through the development of novel pediatric medical devices, which are both safe and effective. The Consortium develops an environment of creativity, where innovative ideas will be reviewed, tested and developed. The Consortium is a long term project and a commitment at our institutions. Success is measured by the development, production and marketing of several novel pediatric medical devices.

The Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium is dedicated to bringing together the considerable Atlanta expertise that exists in pediatric care, engineering, and business to create an environment that fosters ideas and creativity, generates projects, and produces results - new pediatric devices for years to come. The consortium will create a mechanism for pediatric devices to be approved as orphan products by the FDA.


1. Connect existing clinical and engineering resources in Atlanta to focus on device development of underserved needs in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric patients (neonate to child).

2. Create a culture for innovation in pediatric healthcare and establish sustainable processes for identification of critical needs, pathways for evaluation of multiple concepts and development of commercializable device solutions.

3. Target output of two devices each year, after the second year, which can reach pre-clinical large animal evaluation with full scale prototypes.