Handy Eye Chart™

Principal Investigators:

Amy Hutchinson MD

The Need:

There are many children who cannot be tested with existing visual acuity charts including the very young, non-verbal, non-English speaking or developmentally challenged children.

The Device:

The Handy Eye Chart™ uses optotypes consisting of hand gesture symbols instead of letters, and children can use their own hands to replicate the gesture to indicate recognition of the optotypes. Our previous research has shown that the chart is a valid test of visual acuity in children ages 6 to 18. Now we are embarking a research strategy to modify the chart for use in young children ages 2 to 5. The isolated optotypes will be presented using an ipad application, that will simultaneously present the optotypes and record the response data.  Granular data can then be exported to a standard spreadsheet for analysis. Once our current phase of the research is complete, the ipad application will be modified and made available for use by parents, schools and health care professionals

How has APDC helped?

APDC has provided funding for the iPad application including software coding and graphic art.  In addition, members of the consortium are helping with formulation of a business model to market the device. When the project joined the consortium the device was in the clinical stage of development.

Progress of Device Development