Advisory Boards

The Clinical Advisory Board

The Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) has the mandate to ensure that the technologies selected for development are those with the highest clinical value and are based on sound research. The CAB, chaired by Dr. Maher, reviews projects submitted for seed grants and monitors their progress with respect to their clinical utility and their achievement of critical milestones. The CAB reviews the proposals submitted for the Annual Pediatric Device Competition for clinical and scientific merit. The CAB also reviews the submissions from industry for clinical utility and scientific validity.

The External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board consists of the senior leadership of the participating institutions. The board meets annually to review the overall progress of the Consortium and to identify any issues at the institutional levels that may impact the Consortium’s activities.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the Directors of the participating Consortium facilities together with representative from regional industry and legal communities with experience in translational research for technology commercialization, including new business development and regulatory affairs. They meet twice yearly to review progress for the Consortium as a whole and to advise the Executive Committee on any issues that should be addressed to ensure optimal function.