APDC Competition Awards Announcement

September 14, 2012 (All day)

The Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2nd annual Pediatric Device Competition! The projects prepared a 5-page proposal and met one on one with the APDC Review Committee to answer questions and discuss their device. Eight finalists were awarded seed grants ranging from $2,500 to $50,000.


Meet the Finalists:

Access4Kids: an assistive input device for tablet accessibility for children with motor impairments by Ayanna M. Howard, PhD, Hae Won Park, & Giancarlo Valentin of Georgia Tech was awarded $25,000

Self-Monitoring Shunt for Hydrocephaelus by Gina Helms of UGA and Marilyn Wolf, PhD of Georgia Tech was awarded $2,500

Development of a novel, continuous and contact-free infant monitoring system to predict and prevent postnatal cardiac and respiratory morbidity and mortality without the utilization of leads, cuffs, electrodes or other attachments to the body that can cause skin irritation by Robert Arkin, MA, JD of Sensiotec, Inc., Mary Ann Ingram, PhD of Georgia Tech, and Andrew Hardin of GTRI was awarded $5,000

AnemoCheck: a point-of-care, patient-operated, self-contained, disposable, diagnostic test for anemia by Erika Tyburski and Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD of Georgia Tech was awarded $50,000

CorMatrix ECM flat aortic valve that grows and remodels into native tissue by Anna Fallon, PhD and Robert Matheny, MD of CorMatrix Cardiovascular was awarded $10,000

Comparison of two vibrational cold source devices (Buzzy®) to standard care for relief of juvenile idiopathic arthritis injections by Amy Baxter, MD and Sampath Prahalad, MD of Emory Department of Pediatrics was awarded $10,000

SurTube: Insurance for Enteral Care by Kathryn Waitzman, RN of Cnicus, LLC and Brad Slaker of DesignWise Medical was awarded $25,000

smartBRACE: Compliance Monitoring Scoliosis Brace by Chris Hermann, PhD of Emory University,  Mike Schmitz, MD of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Russell McCrory, MSEE of GTRI,  Barbara Boyan, PhD of Georgia Tech, and Mark Holowka, MSPO, CPO of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta was awarded $25,000

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