Industry Partner: CellScope, Inc.

Principal Investigators:

Erik Douglas, PhD

Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD

The Need:

Ear infection, or otitis media, is the most common diagnosis in preschoolers and affect 75% of children by age six. It results in 30 million physician visits every year in the US and more in Europe. As a result, diagnosis and follow-up care require expensive and timeconsuming shortnotice visits to the pediatrician’s office, urgent care clinic or emergency room.

The Device:

Remotoscope is a smartphone otoscope system. A simple clip-on system converts a standard smartphone into a digital otoscope with data transmission that enables diagnosis by a remote physician. With high-quality imaging and the ubiquity of wireless communication, a smartphone otoscope presents a costeffective and medically sound solution.

Remotoscope is a part of small business Cellscope, Inc. which aims to be the leader in remote diagnosis and disease monitoring using smartphone cameras.

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How has APDC helped?

This project is currently funded by the Atlanta Pediatric Device Consortium and the consortium has provided introductions to potential investors in anticipation of future funding needs. CellScope, Inc. is moving forward with plans to commercialize the technology, and the collaboration with the APDC is a critical part of this effort.  The consortium has also facilitated interaction with the FDA. When the project joined the consortium the device was in the concept stage of development.

Progress of Device Development